What the Pandemic Looks Like in a Small Town

By Ally Bolender

SAN MARCOS—COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has emerged at a growing rate across the nation. As cities are forced to practice state orders regarding Coronavirus, daily life in small towns has come to a halt in fear of how quickly it could spread within the community.

McArthur, Ohio is a small, isolated town south of Columbus with a population of only 1,700 people. Nearly half of the population is over the age of 40, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. There is one stoplight and one grocery store in McArthur, with the nearest hospital being 30 miles away.

There are no confirmed cases in McArthur or its county yet, but with a relatively older population, the community quickly turned to Facebook church services, virtual doctor visits and closures of nearly every public place.

Dave and Janet Bolender have lived in McArthur most of their lives. When fears of Coronavirus emerged in Ohio, the Bolenders were forced to put their family and faith-oriented lives on hold.

The Bolenders have to take serious precautions to protect themselves and Janet’s mother, who will be turning 100 this year.

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