Coffee Shops In The San Marcos Community

This Mocha Javas is one of 3 located on North LBJ
Mocha Javas in San Marcos By:Tierra Cole

SAN MARCOS – From sunrise to sunset Texas State students and the community can enjoy a hot cup of coffee at a variety of locations around town. The choices range from Jo on the Go, The Coffee Bar and Mochas & Javas, just to name a few. Each coffee shop has it’s own unique style and vibe that is influenced by the San Marcos community. Coffee lovers will be able to look around the shops and find art pieces either on display or for sale around the store.

By Tierra Cole

Audio Story By Neil Manning

In every college town, you will find numerous places that load students up with caffeine. The Coffee Bar in San Marcos serves many students, however they also attract non-student customers. They do this by hosting several events that appeal to everyone, and also by serving beer and wine. While in a prime location, they have to go beyond to make sure their impact is noticed.

By Neil Manning

Video Story By Megan Whering

With nearly 10 coffee shops spanning across the San Marcos area, residents and students have a wide range of places to go for a cup of joe. The local Mochas & Javas on LBJ and Sessom Drive is always bustling with students, as it resides walking distance from the Texas State University campus. The shop offers a selection of coffee and tea drinks, as well as breakfast and lunch items. Students say Mochas & Javas is one of the best places to study and do homework in between classes or on their way home. They also feel a sense of community at Mochas & Javas because a good amount of customers are students who are trying to survive the semester. Coffee is the lifeline for college students and gives them the peace that they’ll make it through the day from sunrise to sunset.

By Megan Whering

Photo Story By Tierra Cole

Jo on the Go has influences from the community with a great wall in the back dedicated specifically to pictures and stickers from San Marcos natives. Some people are even able to go to the wall and point themselves out from over 10 years ago. The Coffee Bar, was recently renovated from the Root Cellar Bakery and has a fresh look capturing the “San Marvelous” style with artwork influenced by the Aquarena Springs. They also engage with the community through hosting two live music events throughout the week and having a book swap section in the cafe. Another coffee shop that was recently renovated was Mocha Javas located on N LBJ. The fresh look includes areas for people to study, hang out and of course enjoy their coffee. They also have artwork form the community and each piece has a portion that will be donated to a breast cancer foundation.

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