Hope Outdoor Gallery to Move

Article by Chris Harris

The Hope Outdoor Gallery is set to be relocated in June 2018. The Gallery will be moving to Carson Creek Ranch while also getting a sizeable upgrade.

Since its creation on 11th and Baylor Street in downtown Austin, the Hope Gallery has turned into a prominent visitor must-see. This piece of property may just seem like concrete walls covered in “vandalism” but it is something much more.

Hope is a non-profit that connects creatives with causes through projects and events and is the charity that founded the HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign.  Launched in December of 2006 with the support of contemporary artist Shepard Fairey, HOPE was initially founded as a way to raise awareness about the crisis in Darfur, Sudan. Since then, thousands of individuals and organizations have joined the movement. Inspired by this positive response, HOPE continues to grow and enroll new talent and partners every year.

The current Gallery brings in hundreds of visitors daily and has hosted hundreds of artists. That does not account for all of the random art done by unnamed visitors. Hope Outdoor Gallery or HOG is home to many field trips, business meetings, engagment photos, local art and pure fun. Although many are sadened by the move from it’s central location, others are happy to see the gallery find a new home. Those happy about the move include many local residents who have a hard time getting to and from their house. Sometimes local residents find their property vandalised even though HOG gives plenty opportunity for outlet.

The move to Carson Creek Ranch is expected to be done by the end of 2018.



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