Surviving In The World Of Small Business

Navigating the world of small business is a very complex and difficult task at hand for most. It takes dedication, sacrifice, and time.

Most people simply do not understand the true extent small businesses have to go through to stay in business. The ability to adapt is vital in the complex and changing world of business.


Silo Gallery is home to over two dozen talented artists specializing in 3D art forms, including bronze, raku pottery, wood, and warm glass. Silo Studio is the largest purpose-built, warm glass studio in Central Texas. -Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max by Nickolye Essary
The experience starts before you even walk into Silo Glass. Guests are greeted with a waterfall and coy pond to guide them into the studio. -Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max by Nickolye Essary
There is a lot to business that goes unseen by most. The paperwork, the taxes, the finances, all of these factors make up and are crucial to a business. -Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max by Nickolye Essary
The artists themselves are crucial for success in the business. Introducing fresh pieces for the gallery. As the art evolves, the possibilities and -Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max by Nickolye Essary
“The effects you can get from the glass are truly astonishing, there is always something new to be discovered or made, Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max by Nickolye Essary

After Covid-19, many businesses were left facing the hardest times they had in years. “Covid was a huge challenge for us. We had to stop the classes and close the doors for a couple of months. It was. rough time but we just had to push through it -Alyssa Beach

From supplier issues to occupancy restrictions, businesses were faced with challenges they had never faced before. One of the biggest tips stressed by both Alyssa Beach and Pippa Powling was the ability to adapt to such changes. “Remaining flexible and adaptable is extremely crucial for any business. Being adaptable. What you have envisioned may not necessarily be the way forward when you actually get to that point. You might have to go in a completely different direction”-Pippa Powling

“Planning for the unexpected and establishing multiple sources of revenue may be a lifeline for your business, you never knew you needed. You have to plan ahead multiple months to support the business when it gets rough.”-Alyssa Beach.

Surrounding yourself with people that you to be better is vital. When you are reliant on a small team, it will operate like a family. You are reliant on each other for success. You want to keep pushing each other.

Persistence is key. It does get difficult, but you must keep going to get to your desired goal. “Challenge yourself, and bring out something more than you ever knew was there”-Pippa Powling.


The Barn is a local Handmade Pottery and Fine Arts gallery and studio in New Braunfels, Texas.

“The business was established in 1982 by Dee and Terry Buck of Buck Pottery. They spent 33 years growing up with Gruene and in April 2015 sold the business to their niece, Angie White  and her husband Kyle. They will continue on the tradition of making work on site as well as sell the work of several other local potters including the work of the Bucks. -Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max by Nickolye Essary

“There are so many steps to running a business that no-one really knows about. There are some times that make it really enjoyable, but other times it can be back-breaking. You just have to keep going in the end and make it through those struggles” -Kyle White

“Tyler White” owner of The Barn.”I enjoy creating bigger and more complex pieces. Like large platters and tea pots. They aren’t the thing you sell the most of, because they are the most expensive. But, they bring out the most creativity, and are by far the most fun to produce. – Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max by Nickolye Essary
Tyler White: “It is so nice to hear people come up to me and talk about their bowl they have had for 30 years.” – Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max by Nickolye Essary
“Making the art is the most important aspect, but you have to be able to market what you create. Most people are not willing to invest the time to take the proper steps in running the business.” Angie White, Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max by Nickolye Essary

It is special for a business to be around as long as The Barn has. To be in business for 40 years as a small business is a remarkable feat. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reported by Fundera, “approximately 20 percent of small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of the second year, 30 percent of businesses will have failed. By the end of the fifth year, about half will have failed”.

To have the ability to produce work that people still enjoy and want to add to their collection is really inspiring. It is not easy running a business. You have to work extremely hard. Perfecting your craft is key to success. In the end, it will elevate not only your skills but your overall business. The Barn is home to many interesting pieces from dishware, to drinkware, and even intricate sculptures.

Maintaining positive customer relations ultimately will benefit your business in the long run. Establishing the relationship between the customer and the business is crucial. If people leave satisfied and happy after using your services, they are more likely to come back, retain loyalty, and spread the word to others about your business. This is the same with customers leaving with a negative experience. They are more likely to not shop with your business again and are more likely to tell others about their negative experience at your establishment.

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